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Curriculum vitae

Ona Sihvola
Personal information
Date of Birth: June 15th, 1997 in Espoo, Finland
Nationality: Finnish
Contact information
E-mail: ona.sihvola (at)                        
Phone number: +358405389036
2013-(2016)       Espoo Yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School
                   -The Matriculation Examination Certificate in 2016
2010-2013         Karakallio Upper Comprehensive School
2004-2010         Jupperi Lower Comprehensive School
Language skills
Finnish               Mother tongue
English               Good
Swedish             Moderate
Work experience
12.-16.11.2012 Hesburger Sello
            Job tasks: waiting tables, cleaning, handling money
19.-23.11.2012 Hesburger Sello Rex
            Job tasks: waiting tables, cleaning, handling money, prepareing food
April 2013 -        Wearemmilaine
            Job tasks: blogging, promoting and advertising
About me
I am very positive, hard-working and I learn new things quickly. I like be around people and to help those in need. I've been a scout for ten years now and that has taught me to be responsible, spontaneous and patient.

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